Testimonials | YSG Security Solutions

Thank you very much for all you are doing for us during this very stressful time (Covid-19). The delay in increase is certainly very much appreciated, thank you. I have huge respect for the way you set up your employees to make it comfortable and safe for them to work without adding to their stress! Thank you so much, you are an example for a lot of employers.

Martie Griesel – Saminco Int.

YSG is always on the ball with notifying us whether it suspicious activity or cameras down on site. Since we have signed up with YSG we have not experienced another break in. We have complete peace of mind that YSG have us covered.

Shawn Deyzel – VCam

Our Members are very discerning and YSG has ticked every box in terms of securing all our Members, Visitors and Staff. On top of this their solution not only improved our Protection level but also proved more cost effective than our previous providers. To this end, we are very happy to recommend the services and solutions provided by YSG Security Solutions and hope to continue to have a great relationship going forward.

Gustav Putter – The River Club

I would not hesitate to recommend the technology that YSG utilises nor would I hesitate in recommending and confirming the exceptional security monitoring service as well as the after sales service that we have experienced with YSG.

Dave Reynolds – Villa Siesta Chairperson

We made the decision to utilise the YSG intruder Detection Solution and have not looked back since. The installation was efficient and took our specific requirements into consideration and also catered for our tenants and the Tiger Wheel & Tyre Store. To date the YSG System has already prevented many criminal issues from occurring and the suspicious activity around our property has practically been removed.

Lukas Fourie – TiAuto (Tiger Wheel & Tyre)

In an effort to tighten security we approached YSG Security Solutions. The imaging technology employed by YSG is such that the ‘human element’ is removed, as the system automatically prompts the control room as soon as a virtual perimeter is breached. The virtual perimeter ensures there is no visual fatigue as is so often the case in standard 24/7 video monitoring.

Stewart Somerville – Sloane Park Trustee

YSG’s Intruder Detection System was installed quickly, neatly and professionally. The system is very advanced and uses Video Analytics and has proactive countermeasures which prevent crimes from happening. I visited the YSG Control Centre and I was very impressed with what I can only call a World Class setup.

Saul Stiglingh – Randpark Golf Club Security Manager