Car Dealerships

Car dealerships are susceptible to inventory theft, property damage and other risks, especially with high-valued inventory outside for public display. YSG’s customized dealership solution is targeted to protect on-site assets as well as act as a valuable management tool. We can watch your perimeter, parking lots, access points, buildings, service lanes and showrooms.


  • High-tech IP surveillance systems that are monitored in real time
  • Combination of technology with human intelligence to detect and help prevent crimes in progress
  • Ability to see criminal activity often results in quicker response times to the site
  • Real-time “Talk Down Audio Challenge” solution acts as an immediate deterrent
  • Video review service provides an easy and costeffective way for property managers to investigate and document incidents (ex. claims, lawsuits, vendor management)
  • High-risk sites can receive 24/7 monitoring, including weekends & holidays
  • Customizable security service protocols & operational reporting
  • Recurring diagnostic checks on equipment to maintain health of hardware and camera network
  • Packaged value-added services custom-built with internal programming department to support core services

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