Channel Partners

Build Your Recurring Revenue Plan
– RMR (Recurring Monthly Revenue)

No single company can address the needs of every business. By becoming a YSG Channel Partner, together we can provide your customers with a comprehensive monitoring solution that will enable them to increase security and reduce costs while leveraging their existing cameras or guard services.

What’s in It for You?

The YSG Channels Partner program is provided for Security Systems Integrators and Dealers, as well as Security Guard Providers.

Our team gets to know how your company operates so we can help position our service to your customers in the most meaningful manner.

Partners can enjoy the following benefits:

UNTAPPED RMR — Maximize your revenue potential with next-generation managed and monitored video services. Transform a higher percentage of your business from one-time sales to monthly recurring revenue.

UNIQUE SERVICE — Improve your competitive advantage through unique security solutions and improve your value as a partner to your customers.

UNSURPASSED SUPPORT — Work seamlessly with YSG sales, marketing and technical support 24/7 to ensure delivery of the right solutions and services to your clients.

Plus, you win multiple ways:

  • Earn revenues on your referrals at no cost to you
  • Increase your client services with the addition of YSG’s live monitoring
  • Close more sales with a wider and more effective security solution
  • Market to larger enterprise businesses
  • Differentiate your business from competitors
  • Joining the YSG Partners network will give your customers even greater services and solutions while increasing your profits and growing your business.
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The YSG Security advantage:

  1. Rapid dispatch

    Response Provider and incident reporting

  2. Video Reports

    Video evidence and reports to Customer

  3. 24/7 monitoring

    Video review service provides an easy and cost effective way for facility managers to investigate and document incidents

  4. Video analytics

    Video evidence of where a customer is located on the property when approached by a salesperson and how much time they spend together

  5. Gate Control

    Gate entry/exit control for remote vehicle storage facilities

  6. Security Service

    Customizable security service protocols & operational reporting

  7. Safety

    Provide information to help enforce safety/compliance regulations

  8. High-definition

    High-definition cameras track the smallest details

  9. System check

    Video evidence and reports to verify on-site activities

Features and Benefits

When you partner with YSG, you get a team of experts using innovative technology protecting your assets. As part of our world-class solution, you also benefit from services and apps that support your business, including:

When you partner with YSG, you get a team of experts using innovative technology protecting your assets. As part of our world-class solution, you also benefit from services and apps that support your business, including:

  • Video review services

    YSG’s Video Review department is available to you at your convenience to search for video evidence of incidents.

  • Remote maintenance

    We can often identify, diagnose and repair technical problems remotely without your even knowing an issue has occurred.

  • IT services for remote support

    YSG’s IT staff is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Training

    We provide comprehensive training to your team, so you are completely familiar with the use of your surveillance system.

  • Go-Live’ Reporting

    YSG provides day and night shots for your review when your account goes live to identify areas where lighting insufficiency may exist.

  • Consulting and advisory services

    Experienced YSG employees can help you design a solution to reduce and deter crime.

  • Audio deterrent

    YSG supervisors activate audio speakers, if installed, to deter criminals before they damage property. These are also tested on a weekly basis.

  • Security partnership

    We work alongside local police, your guards or staff to optimize the performance of your entire security solution.

  • Incident reports

    YSG delivers reports and video clips of incidents that occur on your property during office hours.

  • Incident backup

    We will produce, store and deliver your high-quality incident video content indefinitely as long as you are our customer. Footage can also be beneficial for prosecution or insurance purposes.

  • Full-time project management

    YSG employees customize and manage each camera installation to fit your needs.

  • Video archive

    Recorded video is backed up and stored for specified amounts of time for future retrieval.