Alternative Solution for a Security Guard Service

Commercial and residential property managers have an obligation to maintain a safe environment and keep tenants and visitors free from injuries and dangerous conditions.

Traditionally, many have sought out a security guard service to help protect their properties, but there are risks involved in relying on security guards as your sole solution including:

Regulated training is of a low standard and certificates can easily be illegally obtained. Many Guarding Companies do not comply with these regulations and some exploit illegal immigrants to work as Guards for them without work permits or the proper certification.

Guards become familiar with Client’s, domestic workers and this can lead to them not enforcing the security rules to carry favour with these individuals.

In some cases, a guard may act inappropriately or unnecessarily escalate a situation.

Guards are generally poorly paid and are therefore highly susceptible to taking of bribes which can severely compromise the security of the property.

Guards normally utilise public transport to and from work and travel in their uniforms. This makes them easily identifiable to criminal syndicates who can exploit them through various means of intimidation, threats or bribery.

The inability to be in multiple places at the same time, hence even patrol routes are limited in their effectiveness.

The cost of Guards is statutorily mandated and there monthly costs are expensive despite the low level of effectiveness.

There is very little security guards can do that proactive video monitoring cannot. Video monitoring combines technology with human intelligence to provide ongoing surveillance without the liability problems of a traditional guard. Trained operators remotely watch multiple on-site security cameras simultaneously using the latest in video analytics to ensure that the Artificial Intelligence does most of the heavy lifting. Traditional guards are limited in what they can see, and larger properties may be challenging to cover. Remote video monitoring allows our operators to watch areas that may be inaccessible to guards.

Proactive video monitoring provides extensive site coverage, round-the-clock surveillance and cost savings for a more thorough and reliable level of protection than traditional guards.

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